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Roger Bolton speaks to the BBC's Editor of Voice about changes in the way we listen and the Editor of Tweet of the Day defends an item on magpies presented by Michael Morpurgo.

Roger Bolton with listener views on BBC radio programmes.

The way in which we listen to radio is radically changing. On Monday this week, the BBC launched its first full voice app for voice recognition speakers. Editor of Voice Mukul Devichand describes how the new way of listening works, demonstrating how this technology will allow greater access to the BBC's range of live radio stations and podcasts.

Also, we hear from listener Roslyn Byfield about a recent item on World at One about teenage mental health. She discusses the audio diaries of a teenage girl suffering from anxiety.

Tweet of the Day is one of BBC Radio 4's best-loved programmes, but has it moved too far away from its original format, putting famous voices above birdsong? Editor James Cook discusses the programme and responds to listener comments on Michael Morpurgo's analysis of the magpie.

And - how radio changes lives. Listeners Simon Rennie and Libby Tempest tell us how an edition of In Our Time helped inspire change.

Producer: Kate Dixon
A Whistledown production for BBC Radio 4.

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Sun 17 Dec 2017 20:00


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