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King Michael of Romania, Shashi Kapoor, Christine Keeler, Jenny MacGregor, Johnny Hallyday

Obituary series. Matthew Bannister on King Michael of Romania, actor Shashi Kapoor, model Christine Keeler, horse rescuer Jenny MacGregor and singer Johnny Hallyday.

(Photo: Christine Keeler)

Matthew Bannister on

King Michael of Romania who ruled his country during the second world war and was forced to abdicate by the Soviet Union. .

Bollywood actor Shashi Kapoor who starred in more than a hundred Hindi films as well as English language titles like Shakespeare Wallah and Heat and Dust.

Christine Keeler, the model who was at the centre of the Profumo Affair in the 1960s.

Jenny MacGregor who rescued thousands of ponies and horses from neglectful or abusive owners.

And Johnny Hallyday, France's best known rock star.

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King Michael of Romania

Last Word spoke to the BBC’s Central Europe Correspondent Nick Thorpe.

Born 25 October 1921; died 5 December 2017, aged 96.

Shashi Kapoor

Last Word spoke to Bollywood expert and film critic Dr Anil Sinanan, and presenter Nikki Bedi.

Born 18 March 1938; died 4 December 2017, aged 79.

Christine Keeler

Born 22 February 1942; died 4 December 2017, aged 75.

Jenny MacGregor

Last Word spoke to her daughter Louise Fennell.

Born 30 August 1932; died 6 November 2017, aged 85.

Johnny Hallyday

Last Word spoke to writer and French cultural commentator Muriel Zagha.

Born 15 June 1943; died 6 December 2017, aged 74.


Role Contributor
Presenter Matthew Bannister
Interviewed Guest Louise Fennell
Interviewed Guest Anil Sinanan
Interviewed Guest Nikki Bedi
Interviewed Guest Nick Thorpe
Interviewed Guest Muriel Zagha