Harassment in classical music

Tom Service examines sexual harassment in classical music; also talks to Nancy November about her book 'Cultivating String Quartets in Beethoven's Vienna'.

Tom Service looks at issues around sexual harassment in classical music and the arts in light of recent scandals to hit the worlds of entertainment and politics. We hear from Deborah Annetts, Chief Executive of the Incorporated Society of Musicians; Naomi Pohl, Assistant General Secretary at the Musician's Union; and Frances Richens, Editor of the magazine Arts Professional - as well as testimonies from victims of sexual harassment.

Also on the programme, an interview with academic Nancy November about her new book 'Cultivating String Quartets in Beethoven's Vienna', arguing for the need to readdress the context in which string quartets are to be understood at the beginning of the 19th-Century. Paul Cassidy, viola player from the Brodsky Quartet discusses the book with Tom and explains how it will inform his playing and enhance the understanding of this repertoire.

And Tom sits down at the piano with jazz pianist Brad Mehldau to discuss Bach and improvisation.

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  • Sexual harrassment

    Duration: 13:36

  • Brad Mehldau

    Duration: 13:07

  • Cultivating String Quartets in Beethoven's Vienna by Nancy November

    Duration: 15:19


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