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Fridge Freezer Safety Warning, Make-up for Men, Family Business Future

Fears that safety checks on fridges and freezers are inadequate. Plus concern from family business owners that the next generation is not interested in taking on the family firm.

Home owners are being warned that current safety checks on fridges and freezers are inadequate and that some products with plastic backings are a potential fire risk.

The extra pressures on a family business. New research suggests there's a growing fear younger generations won't want to take on a traditional family firm.

The UK boss of L'Oreal reckons make-up for men will be a big thing within five years. But is he right?

Peter White presents.

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  • Fridge Freezer Warning

    Home owners being warned - current safety checks on fridges and freezers are inadequate

    Duration: 04:07

  • Male Make Up

    Bob Walker looks at the availability of live music venues

    Duration: 05:36

  • Surplus Stock

    Concern at the number's of businesses sending unwanted stock straight to landfill

    Duration: 06:44

  • Motorbike Thefts

    The efforts to tackle the growing numbers of motorbikes being stolen in the UK

    Duration: 07:30

  • Air B&B Chateaux

    The battle to save France's derelict chateaux.

    Duration: 07:29

  • Family Business

    What's the future for family run firms?

    Duration: 05:49


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