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Facebook security, New driving tests, Nurse recruitment

How safe are your bank details if you put them into a Facebook advertiser's account? Plus the biggest shake-up in the driving test in twenty years, and NHS nurse recruitment.

Are your bank details safe with Facebook? You & Yours has been investigating after a listener reported that £12,000 disappeared out of his bank, through an advertising account he set up with Facebook. He put his bank card details into their system, so he could pay for adverts. Facebook has told us that malicious parties outside the company gained access to his login information and fraudulent charges were made. We examine how such fraud could be possible.

Driving test examiners have begun a forty-eight hour strike. They are protesting against changes to the test, which they say will see them working longer hours for no extra pay. The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency says the new test provides a more realistic assessment of driving skills. It is the biggest change in the test for twenty years and will include things like parking in a tiny space and using a sat-nav. We explore how the experience will change for people sitting the test.

There's a shortage of nurses in the NHS. The Royal College of Nursing estimates that around 40,000 vacancies are unfilled. The government withdrew a bursary which helped people who were training as nurses, because courses were over subscribed and it believed places could be filled without the financial support. Today, figures are released which show how many people have signed up for a nursing course, without the bursary. There is evidence that more people are currently leaving nursing than joining. How will the loss of the bursary affect the supply of nurses to the NHS? We hear the views of Sir Robert Francis QC, who led two investigations into poor patient care at the Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust.

Producer: Jonathan Hallewell
Presenter: Shari Vahl.

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