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Alexei Sayle and Meg Rosoff

Alexei Sayle and Meg Rosoff trade favourite books with Harriett Gilbert, including A High Wind in Jamaica, Mistakes Were Made (But Not By Me) and Friends in High Places.

Why do we find it so hard to own up when we've got something wrong? The writer and comedian Alexei Sayle's choice for A Good Read - Mistakes Were Made (But Not By Me) by Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson) explores the psychology of self-justification and how politicians (and everyone else) sleep at night. Novelist Meg Rosoff's book choice is A High Wind in Jamaica by Richard Hughes - her favourite book of all time. She argues that while it might seem like a tale for children of pirates and adventure on the high seas, there is so much more going on beneath the surface. And Harriett Gilbert shares a favourite holiday read - Donna Leon's Friends in High Places.

Produced by Mair Bosworth.

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Role Contributor
Presenter Harriett Gilbert
Interviewed Guest Alexei Sayle
Interviewed Guest Meg Rosoff
Producer Mair Bosworth


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