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Replicating the Divine

Neil MacGregor focuses on the making of divine images, including the painting of Russian Orthodox icons and the creation of images of the Hindu goddess Durga in decorated clay.

Neil MacGregor continues his series on the expression of shared beliefs with a focus on the making of divine images.

For the painter of a Russian religious icon, the paramount purpose is the continuation of a tradition, in which the painter seeks only to take his proper place, creating an image which opens a gateway to the divine.

The Hindu goddess Durga is at the centre of the popular annual festival of Durga Puja, where communities create images of the goddess in everyday materials - clay, wood, straw and oil paint - which then are endowed with a transcendental character.

Producer Paul Kobrak

Produced in partnership with the British Museum
Photograph (c) The Trustees of the British Museum.

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Neil MacGregor tells the stories of some of the key objects in the series.