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Antonio Carluccio, Sima Wali, Richard Wilbur, Mary Reveley, Dudley Simpson

Matthew Bannister on chef Antonio Carluccio, Afghan women's rights campaigner Sima Wali, poet Richard Wilbur, racehorse trainer Mary Reveley, TV composer Dudley Simpson.

Matthew Bannister on

The chef Antonio Carluccio who transformed Italian cooking in the UK.

Sima Wali who devoted her life to campaigning for the rights of Afghan women.

The Pulitzer Prize winning American poet laureate Richard Wilbur.

Mary Reveley, the Yorkshire based race horse trainer who saddled more than two thousand winners.

And Dudley Simpson who composed the theme from the TV series Blake's Seven and incidental music for Dr Who.

Interviewed guest: William Sitwell
Interviewed guest: Suleiman Wali
Interviewed guest: Michael Carlson
Interviewed guest: Cornelius Lysaght
Interviewed guest: Matthew Sweet.

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28 minutes

Antonio Carluccio

Last Word spoke to food critic William Sitwell.

Born 19 April 1937; died 8 November 2017, aged 80.

Sima Wali

Last Word spoke to her nephew Suleiman Wali.

Born 7 April 1951; died 22 September 2017, aged 66.

Richard Wilbur

Last Word spoke to journalist Michael Carlson.

Born 1 March 1921; died 14 October 2017, aged 96.

Mary Reveley

Last Word spoke to Cornelius Lysaght, the BBC’s horse racing correspondent.

Born 22 September 1940; died 30 October 2017, aged 77.

Dudley Simpson

Last Word spoke to BBC presenter Matthew Sweet.

Born 4 October 1922; died 4 November 2017, aged 95.


Role Contributor
Presenter Matthew Bannister
Interviewed Guest William Sitwell
Interviewed Guest Suleiman Wali
Interviewed Guest Michael Carlson
Interviewed Guest Cornelius Lysaght
Interviewed Guest Matthew Sweet