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Personal Independence Payment, Christmas decorations, Pokies

You and Yours speaks to a mental health nurse who assessed people for disability benefits. He says his reports were downgraded by managers so disabled people were awarded less.

We speak to a mental health nurse who took a job as an assessor for disabled people claiming Personal Independence Payment. He says his reports were downgraded by managers - so disabled people were awarded less that he thought they should get.

One factory in Cwmbran in Wales produces 80% of the UK's Tinsel, our reporter visits the factory and as you'll hear there's more thought that goes into tinsel than you might think.

The text message is on the way out- according to a report by Ofcom we're sending more data messages through apps like Whatsapp now. The humble SMS holds fond memories for lots of people and we discuss why.

This week the UK government announced a review into how much people can stake on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals. But it's not just the UK which has a problem with gambling machines - the Australian government is also trying to tackle gambling addiction and anti-social behaviour caused by Poker machines - commonly known as Pokies. We speak to academic Dr Charles Livingstone, a leading anti-pokie campaigner.

And, expats in Spain are feeling uncertain about their future. The British consulate in Malaga is holding meetings about what could happen - we speak to Charmaine Arbouin, the Consul General at the British Consulate in Malaga about the advice she's been giving residents.

Presenter: Winifred Robinson
Producer: Lydia Thomas.

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  • PIP Assessor

    A former PIP Assessor says cheat sheets and prompts help downgrade scores claimants get

    Duration: 11:02

  • Pokies

    Pokies are fixed odds betting terminals we speak to an Australian campaigner against them

    Duration: 06:09

  • SMS

    Latest Ofcom reports shows the humble text message is dying out.

    Duration: 05:10

  • Tinsel Town

    Bob visits the welsh factory which provides 80% of the UK's tinsel.

    Duration: 05:37

  • Expats

    What will happen to expats after Britain leaves the European Union?

    Duration: 05:24

  • Next

    The high street retailer reported a drop in in-store sales

    Duration: 03:26

Tinsel Town

Tinsel Town
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