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Peter Curran meets Fiona Murphy

Broadcaster Peter Curran talks to guests who grew up in Northern Ireland but left - how do they view the people and the politics now that they don't live there?

Broadcaster Peter Curran talks to guests about the Northern Ireland they left behind - they grew up there but then came over to mainland UK. With them he explores how they perceive the people and the politics, now that they don't live there, and how their childhood affected their own world view.

Peter first met Fiona Murphy when the two of them had recently arrived in Brixton from North Belfast in the 1980s. In the thirty years since they last saw each other Fiona has gone on to be a top human rights lawyer, with a specialism in police accountability. Peter talks to her about how the injustice she saw growing up during the troubles has influenced her own path, and how she sees Northern Ireland now.

Produced by Polly Weston in Bristol.

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