Julian Anderson; Kenneth MacMillan tribute

Sara Mohr-Pietsch interviews composer Julian Anderson, and remembers choreographer Sir Kenneth MacMillan with the help of former dancer Viviana Durante and composer Brian Elias.

Sara Mohr-Pietsch interviews the composer Julian Anderson as his music is the subject of the BBC Symphony Orchestra's Total Immersion Day, and talks to composer Brian Elias and former dancer Viviana Durante about the choreographer Kenneth MacMillan, a hugely influential figure at the Royal Ballet, on the 25th anniversary of his death. Plus an exploration of the carbon footprint of orchestras, and a new music and maths collaboration between mathematician Marcus du Sautoy and composer Emily Howard.

Image (c)ROH, Johan Persson 2010.

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45 minutes


Role Contributor
Presenter Sara Mohr-Pietsch
Interviewed Guest Julian Anderson


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