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Fundraising Regulator, Seabin, Debenhams

Consumer affairs programme. The Fundraising Regulator says most of the complaints they get are about charity mailshots. Plus the new technology removing plastic waste from the sea.

The Fundraising Regulator says most of the complaints they get are about charity mailshots and the enclosures and gifts inside. We speak to the regulator about that and why some charities have still not agreed to pay the levy to fund the regulator.

The Serious Fraud Office is investigating Store First who persuaded people to invest their pensions into its storage pods. Now, the Solicitors Regulation Authority has shut down the firm of solicitors that dealt with Store First on suspicion of dishonesty. Our reporter Shari Vahl brings us more on the story.

Following our behind-the-scenes look at debt charity Step Change, dozens of you have written to us about how the charity helped you manage your debts. We speak to two of our listeners about their situations.

Debenhams reveals its full-year results today and they're not good. We analyse what's going wrong at the department store.

There's been a lot of upsetting news stories lately about plastic being washed up on beaches and animals feeding it to their young. A new solution called the Seabin sucks plastic out the water - we see how that's working in Portsmouth Harbour.

And, the banking regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority wants more people to report phone calls they've received about dodgy investment schemes - but we've been hearing from listeners who have reported it, but they've not heard if any feedback from their cases.

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  • Store First

    The solicitors involved in Store First have been shut down and are under investigation

    Duration: 06:57

  • Debenhams

    Debenhams' full year results don't make good reading for the UK department store chain

    Duration: 04:13

  • Fundraising Regulator

    Direct mail tops the complaints table for the new Fundraising Regulator

    Duration: 06:23

  • Living in Debt

    We hear from 2 people who've received help from Stepchange, the debt charity

    Duration: 08:27

  • Seabins

    Adam Kirtley reports from Portsmouth where the first debris-sucking bin is been installed

    Duration: 07:29

  • BT Landline

    BT bows to pressure from Ofcom and cuts the monthly rental for landline-only by £7

    Duration: 04:21


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