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Lillian Ross, Jalal Talabani, Terry Downes, Sybil Flory, Hedley Jones

Julian Worricker on journalist Lillian Ross, Iraqi president in the 2000s Jalal Talabani, boxer Terry Downes, seamstress Sybil Flory and musician and inventor Hedley Jones.

Julian Worricker on:

Lillian Ross, who wrote for the New Yorker, and created a new form of journalism....

The Iraqi president after the fall of Saddam Hussein, Jalal Talabani - a prominent Kurdish politician....

The boxer Terry Downes, who held the world middleweight title in the 1960s....

Sybil Flory, a seamstress who evaded the Japanese in 1941, and found her sister six decades later....

Hedley Jones, a Jamaican musician who designed and built the country's first sound systems....and traffic lights....

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Lillian Ross

Julian spoke to Eric Homberger, Emeritus Professor of American Studies at the University of East Anglia, and journalist Ellin Stein.

Born 8 June 1918; died 20 September 2017, aged 99.


Jalal Talabani

Julian spoke to BBC Persian Correspondent Jiyar Gol.

Born 12 November 1933; died 3 October 2017, aged 83.  

Terry Downes

Julian spoke to boxing historian John McDonald.

Born 9 May 1931; died 6 October 2017, aged 86.

Sybil Flory

Last Word spoke to her son Derek Flory, who wrote the book Torn Apart, about Sybil’s story.

Born 8 April 1920; died 2 September 2017, aged 97.

Hedley Jones

Last Word spoke to Jamaican music historian David Katz.

Born 12 November 1917; died 1 September 2017, aged 99.


Role Contributor
Presenter Julian Worricker
Interviewed Guest Eric Homberger
Interviewed Guest Ellin Stein
Interviewed Guest Jiyar Gol
Interviewed Guest John McDonald
Interviewed Guest Derek Flory
Interviewed Guest David Katz