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Therapeutic Beekeeping

Hardeep Singh Kohli meets master beekeeper Katie Hayward, a former high-powered manager who had a stroke at a young age and took up beekeeping as part of her recovery process.

Katie Hayward is not your stereotypical beekeeper. "Blonde and bubbly" (by her own admission), she had a high powered managerial job that took her all around the country. But disaster struck when she suffered a stroke at an unusually young age and she took up beekeeping as part of her recovery process.

It had such a transformative effect on her that she ended up selling her prized Mercedes to start a company called Felin Honeybees on the island of Anglesey. She is now a master beekeeper with nearly 1000 hives and she teaches beekeeping to all ages, and especially to people who have suffered trauma in their lives.

Hardeep puts on a beekeeping suit and meets some of Katie's bees after which he makes lunch with honey from some of her hives and learns about her beekeeping journey. The two of them are joined by two of Katie's beekeeping pupils (Meg Giesler and Christine Lawrence) whose lives have also changed through the comfort they have found through this absorbing pastime.

Producer: Helen Lee.

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