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Are care services in retirement complexes guaranteed?

How living in a retirement complex may not live up to the glossy brochure. Government has promised same-day advances for Universal Credit claimants and what is open banking?

The disappointing reality of retirement complex living experienced by some residents, once the deal is done and the glossy sales brochure is a distant memory.

Households being switched onto Universal Credit can now get a same-day advance on their benefits. Will this mean an end to delays in receiving their income?

And Open Banking - we're promised it will revolutionise the way we organise our finances. But what exactly is it and how secure will your data be?

Presenter: Paul Lewis
Producer: Alex Lewis
Editor: Andrew Smith.

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30 minutes


  • Universal Credit

    Same day advances now available

    Duration: 08:40

  • Retirement Living

    Are care services in retirement complexes guaranteed?

    Duration: 08:13

  • Open Banking

    Other banks to have access to our financial data.

    Duration: 06:12


  • Sat 7 Oct 2017 12:04
  • Sun 8 Oct 2017 21:00

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