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Robots and AI: Laurie Taylor takes a cool, non-dystopian look at future possibilities.

Robots & AI: Laurie Taylor takes a cool, non dystopian look at future possibilities. He's joined by Toby Walsh, Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of New South Wales, Judy Wajcman, Anthony Giddens Professor of Sociology at the LSE and Kathleen Richardson, Professor of Ethics and Culture of Robots and AI Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility at De Montfort University.
Does automation herald the death of work or even pose an existential threat? How significant are the differences between humans and machines? What should be the ethical limits to the development of killer and sex robots? How can we create a society in which technology is a force for collective good given that future imaginaries are shaped by such a narrow, Silicone Valley elite?
Producer: Jayne Egerton.

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