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Hugh Hefner, Stanislav Petrov, Teddy Taylor, Liz Dawn

Matthew Bannister on Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner, Soviet officer Stanislav Petrov, MPTeddy Taylor, actress Liz Dawn.

Matthew Bannister on

Hugh Hefner who built the Playboy empire on a best selling magazine. Was he a libertarian who changed attitudes to sex or a sleazy pornographer?

Soviet officer Stanislav Petrov who is credited with averting a nuclear disaster during the Cold War.

The right wing Conservative M.P. Teddy Taylor best known for his outspoken opposition to the European Union.

And actress Liz Dawn who played Vera Duckworth in Coronation Street for nearly thirty years.

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Hugh Hefner

Matthew spoke to Steven Watts, author of Hugh Hefner and the American Dream, and writer Michael Carlson.

Born 9 April 1926; died 27 September 2017, aged 91.

Stanislav Petrov

The Soviet officer who helped to avert nuclear war.

Born 7 September 1939; died 19 May 2017, aged 77.

Teddy Taylor

Matthew spoke to Brian Taylor, Political Editor BBC Scotland, and MP James Duddridge.

Born 18 April 1937; died 20 September 2017, aged 80.

Liz Dawn

Matthew spoke to Steven Murphy, editor of Inside Soap.

Born 8 November 1939; died 25 September 2017, aged 77.


Role Contributor
Interviewed Guest Steven Watts
Interviewed Guest Steven Murphy
Interviewed Guest Brian Taylor
Interviewed Guest James Duddridge
Presenter Matthew Bannister
Producer Neil George