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Quest 79 and Freedom Seeker

How to build freedom into your life, setting yourself a Quest 79 challenge and why certain images can help our mental health.

Author of Freedom Seeker Beth Kempton tells Gillian Russell about the freedom she felt in her youth, why she lost sight of it as she got older and the steps she took to find liberty, joy and fulfilment again in her life. What defines freedom and how can we create some liberty in our lives when we've got dozens of commitments and responsibilities?

Paralympic gold medallist Karen Dark describes the thinking behind her new challenge Quest 79 and explains why she'd like the rest of us to get on board with a unique challenge or quest of our own.

Clinical psychologist at the University of Edinburgh Dr Stella Chan talks about why Project Soothe was set up and how they hope calming, soothing images might help improve mental health and wellbeing.

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