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Dick Gregory, Jeannie Rousseau, Wayne Lotter, Sean O'Callaghan, John Abercrombie

Matthew Bannister on comedian Dick Gregory, intelligence agent Jeannie Rousseau, conservationist Wayne Lotter, IRA informer Sean O'Callaghan, guitarist John Abercrombie.

Matthew Bannister on

Dick Gregory, the African American comedian and civil rights activist who was also a dietician to stars like John Lennon and Mohammed Ali.

Jeannie Rousseau who spied on the Nazis' secret weapons programme.

Wayne Lotter, the South African elephant conservationist who has been shot dead in Tanzania.

Sean O'Callaghan, the leading IRA member who turned informer. He helped to stop a bomb attack which would have killed the Prince and Princess of Wales.

And the jazz guitarist John Abercrombie.

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28 minutes

Dick Gregory

Matthew spoke to journalist Robert Chalmers

Born 12 October 1932; died 19 August 2017 age 84

Jeannie Rousseau

Matthew spoke to Jeannie’s childhood friend Jeremy Orme and American journalist and author David Ignatius

Born 1 April 1919; died 23 August 2017 age 98

Wayne Lotter

Matthew spoke to primatologist Jane Goodall and friend Sean Willmore, President of the International Ranger Federation

Born 5 December 1965; died 16 August 2017 age 51

Sean O’Callaghan

Matthew spoke to Chris McGimpsey, Unionist politician and journalist Henry McDonald

Born 26 January 1954; died 23 August 2017 age 63



Role Contributor
Interviewed Guest Robert Chalmers
Interviewed Guest Jeremy Orme
Interviewed Guest Jane Goodall
Interviewed Guest Sean Willmore
Interviewed Guest Chris McGimpsey
Presenter Matthew Bannister