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Late Night Woman's Hour: Self-Esteem

Intimate late-night conversation. Lauren Laverne and guests explore the pressures on young women's self-esteem and discuss how self-esteem can be built.

What's the secret to healthy levels of self-esteem? And can we ever have too much?

As GirlGuiding UK release the results of a survey showing that 40% of girls feel anxiety around comparing themselves to others online, Lauren and guests explore the pressures on young women's self-esteem and discuss how self-esteem can be built. How is life online altering the way young women feel about themselves, for good and ill?; how useful is the self-help industry around self-esteem, and how genuinely are commercial brands trying to engage with self-esteem?

Influencer Chidera Eggerue blogs as The Slumflower on body image and self love and has gathered an army of social media followers with her honesty about her appearance, her attitude to herself, and her unique and combative approach to building self-esteem in herself and others.

Writer and campaigner Natasha Devon MBE is the founder of The Esteem Team and gives talks on body image, equality issues and self-esteem in schools and colleges around the country.

Evelyn Greeves is an advocate for GirlGuiding and writes and speaks out on a range of issues affecting young people including - most recently - the teaching of SRE in schools.

Dr Phillippa Diedrichs is a research psychologist at the University of the West of England and specialises in the study of body image.

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Role Contributor
Presenter Lauren Laverne
Interviewed Guest Chidera Eggerue
Interviewed Guest Natasha Devon
Interviewed Guest Evelyn Greeves
Interviewed Guest Phillippa Diedrichs


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