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Erla Bolladottir, Clothes for zero gravity, Katharine Welby-Roberts

Erla Bolladottir and the double-murder that rocked Iceland in the 1970s. Astronaut Dr Helen Sharman and Dr Barbara Brownie on designing clothes for zero gravity.

Erla Bolladottir has been described as Iceland's most notorious woman. That's because of what she told police about a double-murder in the 1970s which led to 5 young men, including her boyfriend, being found guilty of the crimes. She was later jailed for perjury. But was there a miscarriage of justice, and did Erla experience "memory distrust syndrome", with her mind playing tricks on her? The police investigation was found to be deeply flawed, and the men's murder convictions could be reopened. Jane speaks to Erla and to journalist, Helga Arnardottir ahead of the BBC Documentary Out of Thin Air.

Katharine Welby-Roberts on her first book 'I Thought There Would Be Cake. She joins Jane to discuss the unrealistic expectations that we place on ourselves, and the importance and acceptance of loving ourselves as we are.

Space, the final fashion frontier: Astronaut Dr. Helen Sharman and Dr. Barbara Brownie on designing clothes for zero gravity.

Presenter: Jane Garvey
Producer: Caroline Donne.

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  • Katharine Welby-Roberts

    Duration: 11:09

  • BBC New Comedy Award 2017

    Duration: 07:38

  • Clothes for zero gravity

    Duration: 09:56

  • Erla Bolladottir

    Duration: 13:24


Role Contributor
Presenter Jane Garvey
Producer Caroline Donne
Interviewed Guest Erla Bolladottir
Interviewed Guest Helga Arnardottir
Interviewed Guest Katharine Welby-Roberts
Interviewed Guest Helen Sharman
Interviewed Guest Barbara Brownie


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