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Weird Game Soundtracks

Composers Ben Lukas Boysen and Sebastian Plano present a gaming playlist of classic 8 Bit scores, horror ambience and full orchestral works.

Composers Ben Lukas Boysen and Sebastian Plano have scored the soundtrack to David O'Reilly's immersive game 'Everything', the trailer for which has recently won the Jury Prize at the Vienna Shorts Film Festival and so qualifies for an Oscar. Their playlists features experimental game soundtracks from classic 8 Bit scores, to drum & bass, jazz, creepy ambience and full orchestral and choral works. Including music from Skyrim, L.A. Noir, Bioshock and Faxanadu.

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Sun 30 Jul 2017 00:00

Music Played

  • Jun Chikuma


    • Faxanadu: Original Soundtrack.
  • Kenishi Matsubara & S. Terishima


    • Castlevania II: Simon's Quest.
    • Auris Apothecary.
  • Yoshio Hirai

    Dungeon Theme

    • Startropics: Original Soundtrack.
  • Chris Hülsbeck

    Stage 4-2

    • Super Turrican.
  • John Hancock, Jean Baudlot & Fabrice Visserot

    Opening Titles

    • Flashbak.
  • Richard Joseph, Brian May & Jason Page

    The Dark

    • Rise Of The Robots.
  • Jeremy Soule

    Variations Of A Castle Theme

    • The Complete Soundtrack From The Secret Of Evermore Video Game.
  • Photek

    The Third Sequence

    • Wipeout 2097 : The Soundtrack.
    • Virgin.
  • Michael Z. Land

    Main Titles

    • Escape From Monkey Island.
  • Pentagon


    • ICO - 霧の中の旋律.
    • Vorn.
  • Akira Yamaoka

    Path Of Torment

    • Silent Hill Complete Soundtrack Ultimate Edition.
  • Akira Yamaoka

    Mall Nightmare (Floor 2)

    • Silent Hill 3: Complete Soundtrack Ultimate Edition.
  • Amon Tobin


    • Chaos Theory - The Soundtrack To Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.
    • Ninja Tune.
  • Joris de Man

    Fight the A.T.A.C. (Remix)

    • Killzone 2 Soundtrack.
  • Andre Hale & Simon Hale

    Main Theme

    • L.A. Noire - Soundtrack.
  • Jeremy Soule


    • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Original Game Soundtrack).
    • Bethesda Softworks Inc..
  • Garry Schyman

    Ghost of Lady Comstock, Siren - Singing Lacrimosa

    • Bioshock Infinite.
  • Garry Schyman

    Polovstian Dances - 1

    • BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea.
  • Ben Frost

    First Strike

    • Rainbow Six: Siege (Original Game Soundtrack).
    • Ubisoft Music.
  • Floex

    Samorost 3 Main Theme

    • Samorost 3 Soundtrack.
    • Minority Records.
  • Jessica Curry

    These Silent Numbers

    • Everybody's Gone to the Rapture.
    • Sony Classical.
  • Martin Stig Andersen


    • INSIDE: Soundtrack.