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Lord Wei in Milton Keynes

The youngest person in the House of Lords when he was given a peerage at the age of 33, Lord Wei meets Alice Thomson and Rachel Sylvester where he grew up in Milton Keynes.

Award winning political interviewers Alice Thomson and Rachel Sylvester take leading figures from politics, business and the arts back to their home towns where they spent their childhood.

In Milton Keynes, they meet Nat Wei, who created headlines when he was put in charge of delivering the Big Society - David Cameron's "mission in politics". He was the youngest peer in the House of Lords when he was given his title at 33, and the first British-born person of Chinese origin to enter the House.

Lord Wei goes back to his old school where bullying and drug taking were once commonplace, and talks about how faith, education, his Hong Kong Chinese heritage, and Milton Keynes itself have all influenced his later life as a social entrepreneur.

Producer: Chris Ledgard.

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28 minutes