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Mary Turner, Chester Bennington, Scharlette Holdman, Orri Vigfusson and George A Romero

Matthew Bannister on trade unionist Mary Turner, singer Chester Bennington, death penalty campaigner Scharlette Holdman, conservationist Orri Vigfusson, director George A Romero.

Matthew Bannister on

Mary Turner the President of the GMB Union who started her campaigning life by organising her fellow dinner ladies at a North London school.

Chester Bennington, lead singer of the band Linkin Park who sold more than seventy million copies of their nu-metal albums.

Scharlette Holdman who cajoled lawyers into representing people on death row in American prisons and developed techniques for persuading the courts to mitigate their sentences.

Orri Vigfusson the businessman and angler who saved North Atlantic salmon stocks by paying commercial fishermen to stop taking them from the sea.

And the film director George A Romero who pioneered the zombie horror movie genre with Night of the Living Dead.

Presenter: Matthew Bannister
Producer: Paul Waters.

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28 minutes

Mary Turner

Matthew spoke to Mary’s childhood friend Barbara Benham and to her colleague Paul Kenny, former GMB general secretary.

Born 15 June 1938; died 19 July 2017 age 79.

Orri Vigfusson

Matthew spoke to Bill Taylor, President & CEO of the Atlantic Salmon Federation and Orri’s good friend.

Born 10 July 1942; died 1 July 2017 age 74.

Chester Bennington

Matthew spoke to Sam Coare, assistant editor of rock music magazine Kerrang.

Born 20 March 1976; died 20 July 2017 age 41.

Scharlette Holdman

Matthew spoke to editor at large for Time magazine David Von Drehle.

Born 11 December 1946; died 12 July 2017 age 70.

George A Romero

Matthew spoke to film critic and broadcaster Alan Jones.

Born 4 February 1940; died 16 July 2017 age 77.


Role Contributor
Presenter Matthew Bannister
Producer Paul Waters
Interviewed Guest Barbara Benham
Interviewed Guest Paul Kenny
Interviewed Guest Bill Taylor
Interviewed Guest Sam Coare
Interviewed Guest David Von Drehle
Interviewed Guest Alan Jones