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Facebook has seen overall revenue and profits soar in the second quarter of this year, after its first reported results since the company hit two billion users. Elizabeth Linder is former politics and government specialist at Facebook.


Every one of us contains alien atoms that originated in a galaxy far, far away, a new study suggests. Daniel Angles-Alcazar is the study's lead researcher.


The government is commissioning independent experts on migration to examine the role of EU nationals in the UK economy and society. Carlos Vargas-Silva is acting director of the Oxford Migration Observatory.


In the last few years, some of Britain's biggest acting stars have been those who went to public schools. Playwright Jim Cartwright has been telling the BBC’s arts reporter Ian Youngs why he decided to start his own drama studio in Lancashire to bring through working class talent.


As of today US citizens are no longer allowed to travel to North Korea. Robert E Kelly is from the department of political science at Pusan National University in Busan, South Korea.


President Trump's new spokesman has told the BBC he is 100% certain there will be a US-UK trade deal after Brexit. Karel De Gucht is former EU Trade Commissioner.


A High Court judge has given the parents of the terminally ill baby Charlie Gard until noon today to reach an agreement with the hospital over arrangements for his death. Stephanie Nimmo's 12-year-old daughter Daisy died six months ago at Great Ormond Street hospital, even though Stephanie had wanted to take her home to die.


A former chief executive of the Charity Commission has issued a plea to the government to give the commission the funding it needs to survive or allow it to charge charities. Paula Sussex is former chief executive of the Charity Commission.


The government is commissioning independent experts on migration to examine the role of EU nationals in the UK economy and society. The BBC’s Ross Hawkins reports and Brandon Lewis is minister of state for immigration.


Locals in Venice are despairing over depopulation and mass tourism, arguing that the ferries carrying thousands contribute litter and pollution to the city, rather than economic growth. Jane Da Mosto is director of We Are Here Venice, a group campaigning against mass tourism and pollution in Venice. Galliano Di Marco is CEO of VTP - the Venice passenger terminal that manages and provides services to the cruise liners and their passengers.


The deeply embedded message that patients should “complete the course” of antibiotics to avoid antibiotic resistance is not backed by evidence and should be dropped, argue experts in an opinion piece in The BMJ today. Tim Peto is an author of the paper and Helen Stokes-Lampard is chair of the Royal College of GPs.


A large brown bear is being hunted in the Italian Alps after it mauled a hiker, who was saved by his barking dog and is now recovering in hospital. Marco Galaverni is responsible for species and habitat conservation for WWF Italy.


Archaeological excavation of the Crossrail site at Liverpool Street has exposed fascinating new details on the story of bodysnatching in London. Robert Hartle is a senior archaeologist at the Museum of London Archaeology.


The government is commissioning independent experts on migration to examine the role of EU nationals in the UK economy and society. Frank Field is Labour MP and Brexiteer and Lucy Thomas is former deputy director of the Stronger In campaign.

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