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A priest with AIDS; The churches and mosques supporting Grenfell; Canterbury's medieval glass

How local churches and mosques have rallied to support the community affected by the Grenfell fire disaster. Plus the story of the gay priest who talked about the stigma of AIDS.

It's 50 years since homosexual acts were partially decriminalised in England and Wales. To mark the anniversary, Rosemary Bailey has rereleased the biography of her brother Simon. He was a gay priest in the Church of England and died from AIDS in 1995.

In the aftermath of the Grenfell fire, local churches and mosques rallied to support the community. They continue to help, mediating between residents and the authorities. The Rev Mike Long from Notting Hill Methodist Church and Abdurahman Sayed from al-Manaar Mosque tell Edward how pastoral support will be required for many more months.

On Thursday, India elected a new president, Ram Nath Kovind. He's a Dalit, India's lowest and poorest caste. Michael Safi, from The Guardian explains the significance of the appointment.

It's turning out to be a 'difficult' period for Pope Francis. Francis replaced the Vatican's top theologian and some say there has been veiled criticism from Pope Emeritus Benedict. Edward asks journalist and author Austen Ivereigh just how much trouble the Pontiff is in.

St Mary's Cathedral in Glasgow is the first Anglican church in the UK to accept bookings for same-sex weddings. Edward speaks to the Rev Kelvin Holdsworth who is the first celebrant registered to hold the ceremony.

In Saudi Arabia, a woman named Khulood was interrogated for wearing "indecent" clothing. She was later released without charge. Rothna Begum from Human Rights Watch explains the wider implications of this incident.

In the 2nd of his reports on the traditions of stained glass making, Trevor Barnes visits Canterbury Cathedral which boasts the country's largest collection of medieval glass.

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