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28 August - 1 September 1917

The fifth omnibus of Season 11, Broken and Mad, set in Folkestone, in the week, in 1917, when severe gales across the country uprooted trees and damaged crops.

The fifth omnibus of Season 11, Broken and Mad, set in Folkestone, in the week, in 1917, when Wilfred Owen wrote 'Many of us who came to the Hydro slightly ill are now getting dangerously well'.

Jessie Moore ..... Lucy Hutchinson
Esme Macknade ..... Katie Angelou
Howard Argent ..... Gunnar Cauthery
Florrie Wilson ..... Claire Rushbrook
Adeline Lumley ..... Helen Schlesinger
Ulysses Pilchard ..... Khalid Abdalla
Phyllis Marshall ..... Christine Absalom
Norman Harris ..... Sean Baker
Gabriel Graham ..... Michael Bertenshaw
Juliet Cavendish ..... Lizzie Bourne
Alice Macknade ..... Claire Louise Cordwell
Sylvia Graham ..... Joanna David
Joan Edkins ..... Rachel Davies
Silas Morrow ..... Shaun Dooley
Oscar Hendrickx ..... Pierre Elliot
Hilary Pearce ..... Craige Els
Albert Wilson ..... Jamie Foreman
Chester Matthews ..... Samuel James
Maisie Harris ..... Cassie Layton
Victor Lumley ..... Joel McCormack
Lily Mott ..... Sanchia MacCormack
Kitty Lumley ..... Ami Metcalf
Clemmie Crayford ..... Joanna Monro
Olive Hargreaves ..... Rhiannon Neads
Jane Underdown ..... Susan Porrett
Agnes Hemmings ..... Jane Slavin
Dennis Monk ..... Sam Swann
Ivy Layton ..... Lizzy Watts
Charles Summer ..... Rufus Wright

Written by Mike Walker
Directed by Jessica Dromgoole

Story led by Katie Hims
Sound: Martha Littlehailes
Composer: Matthew Strachan
Consultant Historian: Maggie Andrews.

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58 minutes


Role Contributor
Jessie Moore Lucy Hutchinson
Dennis Monk Sam Swann
Ivy Layton Lizzy Watts
Maisie Harris Cassie Layton
Joan Edkins Rachel Davies
Hilary Pearce Craige Els
Esme Macknade Katie Angelou
Phyllis Marshall Christine Absalom
Gabriel Graham Michael Bertenshaw
Sylvia Graham Joanna David
Oscar Hendrickx Pierre Elliott
Juliet Cavendish Lizzie Bourne
Charles Summer Rufus Wright
Alice Macknade Claire-Louise Cordwell
Howard Argent Gunnar Cauthery
Chester Matthews Samuel James
Olive Hargreaves Rhiannon Neads
Phyllis Marshall Christine Absolom
Adeline Lumley Helen Schlesinger
Victor Lumley Joel MacCormack
Silas Morrow Shaun Dooley
Ulysses Pilchard Khalid Abdalla
Lily Mott Sanchia MacCormack
Florrie Wilson Claire Rushbrook
Kitty Lumley Ami Metcalf
Albert Wilson Jamie Foreman
Clemmie Crayford Joanna Monro
Agnes Hemmings Jane Slavin
Norman Harris Sean Baker
Jane Underdown Susan Porrett
Writer Mike Walker
Director Jessica Dromgoole


The Characters

The Characters

Set in Folkestone, Tyneside and Devon, meet Home Front's characters.