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Steven Thomas and Nancy Fouts

Two artists discuss creative questions. The designer Steven Thomas meets surrealist Nancy Fouts who takes everyday objects and transforms them to create disconcerting artworks.

The designer Steven Thomas meets the modern day surrealist Nancy Fouts. Nancy has been an avid collector of everyday objects since she was young - from stuffed birds to crucifixes, false teeth, insects, board games, coins, plastic toys and much more.

In her art, she often brings these objects together in surprising combinations. A stuffed budgie perches on the bar of an electric heater, an opened purse bares its teeth, a rifle is painstakingly covered in hundreds of rose thorns. Each piece is crafted and executed with precision. Nancy's home is meticulously organised - with her work on the walls, her studio in the basement, and countless cupboards full of her collections.

Producer: Clare Walker.

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28 minutes


  • Wed 19 Jul 2017 09:00
  • Wed 19 Jul 2017 21:30