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Social care costs, Cosmetic surgery deals, Personalised funerals

Consumer affairs programme. A new report looks at how much getting old could cost. Also, cosmetic surgery deals and small print, and how to smile on people's faces at a funeral.

A new report questions what - if anything - people are saving towards the cost of care they will need when they grow old.

Cosmetic surgery deals - should there be offers for extra treatments? And are patients reading the small print?

What happens when your child's wheelchair is forgotten at an airport - twice.

Supermarket temper tantrums, what you should do when your little darling isn't an angel of the aisles

And lightening the mood at a funeral, why more and more of us want the personal touch at our final send-off.



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45 minutes


  • Social Care

    More than 20% of people think government will entirely pay for care needs in later life

    Duration: 06:32

  • Funerals

    More of us are swapping a traditional funeral for something with a more personal touch

    Duration: 08:32

  • Children's Wheelchairs

    Airlines failing to ensure that wheelchairs arrive intact and at the same time you do

    Duration: 04:50

  • Temper Tantrums

    43% of parents are avoiding a trip to the shops for fear of a toddler tantrum

    Duration: 03:53

  • Cosmetic Surgery Discounts

    Do people really know what they are signing up for?

    Duration: 16:52

Fancy Dress Funerals

Fancy Dress Funerals
More information on "My Funeral Wishes" can be found at the National Association of Funeral Directors' webpage. Image shows mourners dressed as superheroes attending the funeral of 18-year-old Arthur Peebles at North East Surrey Crematorium in Morden.


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