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What Would Happen If?

Writer and priest Malcolm Doney argues that imagination is central to human existence, development and preservation.

Writer and priest Malcolm Doney argues that imagination is central to almost every decision we make. For Malcolm, conscious, imaginative thinking is essentially the basis of what it means to be human.

Malcolm draws upon the story of Jesus who himself left no written manifesto. In his physical absence, Jesus' followers were left with the imaginative project of living lives modelled on his. They had to re-imagine a new life without him.

Malcolm explores the work of Nobel Prize winner Peter Medawar, historian Yuval Noah Harari, as well as poets John Koethe and Emily Dickinson. Using this diverse array of sources, Malcolm reveals that imagination is vital to the progress of science and lies at the beating heart of music. He concludes that ultimately, imagination is fundamental to empathy and at the core of that most life-giving command "love thy neighbour as thyself".

Presenter: Malcolm Doney
Producer: Jonathan O'Sullivan
A TBI Media production for BBC Radio 4.

30 minutes

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Sun 2 Jul 2017 23:30

Music Played

  • Emile Pandolfi

    Pure Imagination

  • Michael Levy

    Hurrian Hymn

  • Joseph Haydn

    The Creation, Part 1 No. 1 Die Vorstellung des Chaos (The Representation of Chaos)

  • Joseph Haydn

    The Creation, Hob.XXI/2, Part I: 7. And God said, Let the earth

  • Mavis Staples

    You Are Not Alone

  • Jackson Browne

    About My Imagination

  • Brooklyn Duo

    Pure Imagination


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