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A hunter from the Amazon rainforest who swaps lives with a civil servant from London is worried about the way the modern world is encroaching on his village's life.

A hunter from the Amazon rainforest swaps lives with a civil servant from London. The hunter is worried about the way the modern world is encroaching on his family and village's life, while the civil servant is concerned about the impact of city life on his own and his family and dreams of escaping the relentless rat race.

When Lionel comes to London from a remote jungle in Guyana, he is immediately confronted by its incredible modern facilities. It is a wondrous world of promise and opportunity. But Lionel soon learns that life here is far from a fairy tale. The daily pressure to earn makes city life a struggle. With his children dreaming of big city careers, Lionel wants to take this information back to them so they are more prepared for the reality. Lionel is inspired by John's wife's metal craft. He starts thinking about skills he could take back to improve life back at home, and discovers that technology could even help him to sell such handmade produce overseas.

John has a decision to make - will he move his family to the country for a better life or will they stay in London and search for a better life there? He arrives in Guyana, in the middle of a savannah before journeying into the jungle. John learns how the community in Surama come together to help each other better their lives. John discovers that the younger people are leaving to find jobs and there is a fear that the traditions of the Machousi tribe could disappear. John reflects on how lucky he and his family are - education is something that they take for granted. John realises that community has a massive part to play when considering identity - something he feels he doesn't have as an Englishman and is perhaps why it's hard to find a community in the city.

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Executive Producer Sam Bickley
Series Producer Naomi Gayler