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Jamaica's Organic Revolution

Jamaica currently imports far more food than it exports. Nick Davis visits Source Farm, where they hope organic farming methods could make the nation healthier, happier and richer.

Jamaica has long provided the UK and Europe with sugar, bananas, coffee and cocoa. Despite its climate and fertile soil though the country has become steadily more reliant on food imports. Getting Jamaicans interested in growing their own food again has become a government priority and at Source Farm in the East of the island they are using organic methods to grow all sorts of crops which can then be sold for a high price.

Such is the demand for organic produce in Jamaica and abroad that Source Farm also teach other farmers how to grow organically and to negotiate direct sales. Their intention is simply to get Jamaica farming again and their hope is not just for better diets but for more jobs and higher prospects for rural Jamaica. Nick Davis visits to discover the Source Farm recipe for success and asks if hard work can bring you a little bit of paradise after all.

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