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A new exhibition opens today at the Science Museum looking at the common, or garden earthworm. It will include a live display of the lugworm, the largest species of worm found in the UK. Jackie Stroud is a soil scientist at Rothamsted Research.


The Conservative Party has fleshed out its plans for a Domestic Violence Commissioner and new legislation, which it says will provide a full definition of domestic violence and hold services such as police to account for their handling of the issues. Sarah Green is co-director of the End Violence Against Women Coalition.


The Liberal Democrats will claim today that Theresa May’s approach to Brexit puts national security at risk by blocking access to an EU police database. Nick Clegg is the Liberal Democrat Europe spokesperson.


The family of the late Labour peer Lord Janner, who has been the subject of child sex abuse allegations, say he has been exonerated. Peter Garsden is president of the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers and head of abuse claims at Simpson Millar Solicitors.


Does artificial intelligence mean a jobless future? The BBC’s Zoe Kleinman has this morning's business news.


Pressure will be heaped on social media giants to do more to tackle online extremism, Security Minister Ben Wallace has said. Brian Lord is former deputy director for Intelligence and Cyber Operations at GCHQ.


With just 10 days until votes are cast, do the Conservatives need to rethink their "strong and stable" strategy? Lord Maude is a Conservative former Cabinet minister and Miranda Green is a former press secretary for the Liberal Democrats.


Scientists have developed a genetic tool that will help oyster farmers prevent disease outbreaks and improve yields. Charles Clover is a fishing writer and executive director of the Blue Marine Foundation.


Emmanuel Macron wants to lure business away from the City of London and towards Paris and plans to reform taxes and labour laws to do it. Can he succeed? Christian Noyer is the French government's Brexit special envoy for financial issues.


Tougher sentences will be handed down to perpetrators of domestic violence against children under plans being set out by Theresa May to tackle the "hidden scandal". Amber Rudd is the home secretary.


In May of 1997 history was made when the reigning world chess champion Garry Kasparov was defeated in a six-game match against the computer named Deep Blue. We speak live to Mr Kasparov.


The family of the late Labour peer, Lord Janner - who has been the subject of child sex abuse allegations - say he has been exonerated. Tom Symonds is the BBC’s home affairs correspondent and Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner is Senior Rabbi to Reformed Judaism and Lord Janner’s youngest child.


Europe can no longer "completely depend" on the US and UK following the election of President Trump and Brexit, German Chancellor Angela Merkel says. Katya Adler is the BBC’s Europe editor and Stephan Mayer is a German MP.


The writer Peter Ackroyd is known as one of the greatest chroniclers of London. In his new book Queer City he addresses what he says is an under researched area - the capital's gay history. The BBC’s Nicola Stanbridge reports.


Theresa May must be "straight" with the British people about her policies or risk giving the impression that voting for the Tories is a "dangerous roll of the dice" for working people and pensioners, Labour has said. Andrew Gwynne is Labour’s national election coordinator.


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