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Lorg Dhearcagan

Tha Mossy trang a cruinneachadh dhearcagan. Preschool animation. Oona and Baba help Mossy to collect berries for the shrew crew.

Tha fleadh gu bhith aig sgioba nan luch 's tha Mossy trang a cruinneachadh dhearcagan air a shon. Ged a tha Oona 's Baba ga chuideachadh, tha cùisean a' dol bun os cionn orra, gun aca ach aon dhearcag aig deireadh an là!

Mossy is busy collecting berries for the feast the shrew crew are planning. Oona and Baba decide to help their friend, but disaster strikes and they are left with nothing but a single berry at the end of the day.

7 minutes