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A spiritual comment and prayer to begin the day with the Revd Dr Kirsty Thorpe.

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Thu 11 May 2017 05:43


Good morning.
Book shop windows and best seller lists are full of the biographies and memoirs of politicians, sports stars and celebrities these days. When someone steps down from a high-profile role we’re likely to hear that they’ve signed up to write their own version of what’s been going on. The publishers know many people will be keen to read about things from the perspective of someone famous – even better if they’re likely to spill the beans on some other well-known individuals in the process. 
Before we read such a book we may have some questions. How much money have they been signed up for? Will I enjoy reading what they’ve written? Will they shed any new light on event or are they just claiming their place in history?
The truth is that we always describe what’s happened in our lives from our own perspective, even if we’re not all paid to put things in print. If I give an account of a difficult conversation I’ll be tempted to edit out the background which puts me in a less favourable light. I may forget to mention the sound arguments the other person made and give my own comments most attention.
None of us can ever be totally unbiased or balanced in the way we report things. But the struggle to be nonpartisan and fair – to give both sides of an argument and include other points of view – is always a victory for truth and maturity whenever it happens. The world becomes a poorer place when we don’t respect and value good, faithfully told versions of what’s going on around us. 
God of justice and wisdom,we pray that your truth and integritymay be present in the stories we tell and hear today.