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Brendan Duddy, Nina Lowry, Roger Ailes, Osmund Reynolds, Roger Moore

Andrea Catherwood on peace-broker Brendan Duddy, neo-natal specialist Osmund Reynolds, judge Nina Lowry, TV mogul Roger Ailes and actor Sir Roger Moore.

Andrea Catherwood on

Brendan Duddy, the businessman from Derry who played a key but unsung role in the Northern Ireland peace process hosting secret talks between MI6 and the IRA.

Nina Lowry, the first woman to become an Old Bailey judge, who helped toughen up sentencing on sex crimes.

Roger Ailes, the controversial figure who conceived and ran Rupert Murdoch's Fox News Network for two decades before being ousted over sexual harassment claims.

Osmund Reynolds, a founder of neo-natal medicine who's pioneering work changed the outcome for a generation of premature babies.

And Sir Roger Moore, the actor and film star best know for his portrayal of British secret agent 007, James Bond

Produced by Neil George.

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28 minutes

Brendan Duddy

Born 10 June 1936; died 12 May 2017 aged 80.

Last Word spoke to Peter Taylor, journalist and documentary maker and to Denis Murray, former BBC Ireland correspondent.

Nina Lowry

Born 6 September 1925; died 30 March 2017 aged 91.

Andrea spoke to Helena Kennedy, Baroness Kennedy of The Shaws, QC.

Roger Ailes

Born 15 May 1940; died 18 May 2017 aged 77.

Andrea spoke to Michael Goldfarb, author, journalist and broadcaster.

Osmund Reynolds

Born 3 February 1933; died 24 April 2017 aged 84.

Andrea spoke to Neena Modi, Professor of Neonatal Medicine at Imperial College London.

Roger Moore

Born 14 October 1927; died 23 May 2017 aged 89.

Andrea spoke to Lord Puttnam, an independent film producer and to film academic, author and journalist, Ian Christie.


Role Contributor
Presenter Andrea Catherwood
Interviewed Guest Peter Taylor
Interviewed Guest Denis Murray
Interviewed Guest Helen Kennedy
Interviewed Guest Michael Goldfarb
Interviewed Guest Neena Modi
Interviewed Guest David Puttnam
Interviewed Guest Ian Christie
Producer Neil George