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Clowning for God

Mark Tully asks priest and stand-up comedian Maggy Whitehouse how humour can puncture pomposity, hypocrisy and arrogance in religious leaders and their congregations.

Mark Tully asks priest and stand-up comedian, Maggy Whitehouse, how humour can puncture hypocrisy and piety in religious leaders and their congregations.

Together, they discus how holy fools can make people laugh at the pretentiousness of the powerful, the pomposity of the proud, and the absurdity of those who take themselves too seriously. They consider if Jesus himself sometimes acted as a jester, mocking human arrogance.

Mark also looks to Sufi traditions and the legendary satirical figure, Mulla Nasruddin, whose humour constantly humiliates those who feel they are above ordinary believers, demonstrating that we are all equal in the eyes of God.

Producer: Adam Fowler
A 7digital production for BCC Radio 4.

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