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Rhodri Morgan, Michael Wearing, Dr Helen Szamuely, Ian Brady, Robert Miles

Matthew Bannister on Welsh politician Rhodri Morgan, TV producer Michael Wearing, campaigner Helen Szamuely, Moors murderer Ian Brady and DJ Robert Miles.

Matthew Bannister on

Rhodri Morgan the former Welsh First Minister, known as the Labour Party's "Father of Welsh devolution".

Michael Wearing the TV producer behind award winning series like "Boys From The Blackstuff" and "Edge of Darkness".

Helen Szamuely who helped to start the Anti Federalist League - which became the UK Independence Party.

The Moors murderer Ian Brady.

And the DJ Robert Miles - best known for his international hit "Children".

Producer: Neil George.

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28 minutes

Rhodri Morgan

Born 29 September 1939; died 17 May 2017 aged 77.

Matthew spoke live in the studio to academic and political adviser, Laura McAllister. 

Michael Wearing

Born 12 March 1939; died 5 May 2017 aged 78.

Matthew spoke to his friend and colleague, Kevin Loader.

Helen Szamuely

Born 25 June 1950; died 5 April 2017 aged 66.

Matthew spoke to her daughter, Katherine Szamuely and to fellow campaigner, Alan Sked.

Ian Brady

Born 2 January 1938; died 15 May 2017 aged 79.

Peter Gould, former BBC Home Affairs correspondent, reflects on his 30-year correspondence with him.

Robert Miles

Born 3 November 1969; died 9 May 2017 aged 48.

Matthew spoke to Ralph Moore, editor-at-large for Mixmag.


Role Contributor
Interviewed Guest Laura McAllister
Interviewed Guest Kevin Loader
Interviewed Guest Katherine Szamuely
Interviewed Guest Alan Sked
Interviewed Guest Peter Gould
Interviewed Guest Ralph Moore
Presenter Matthew Bannister
Producer Neil George