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A spiritual comment and prayer to begin the day with the Revd Dr Kirsty Thorpe.

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Sat 6 May 2017 05:43


Good morning.
I find some jobs around the house very therapeutic. Doing the ironing is one. To smooth out the creases in a pile of linen or clothes gives me a feeling of satisfaction and pleasure. Weeding the garden is another one. I love to see a scene of order and harmony in the flower and vegetable beds after a session of pulling up weeds. 
But one routine task attracts me less – dusting. When I’ve been round the surfaces with a soft cloth, or a bit of furniture polish, things look good. Then, within days, everything’s growing a new cloak of fine particles again. My satisfaction is always short-lived.
What is the point of dust? In the wrong place it’s positively damaging. This is obvious if you have to clean a machine that’s clogged up with dust to get it working again.  New York contends with the dust and grime that accumulates around the steam heating pipes which serve older buildings in parts of Manhattan. Sometimes cold and homeless people escape the winter streets by breaking the metal sidewalk grids and burrowing down into the dust traps around the hot pipes.
In the Old Testament, the Creation story talks of God making human beings from the dust of the earth and putting the breath of life into them. At funerals, we remember how we all come from dust and return to it when we die.  That beautiful image – of a cycle of life coming back to where it began – is not just a poetic fantasy. Scientists now say that everything we are, everything around us, originated from cosmic stardust.  
Living God, show us today how to value and enjoy our place in the extraordinary world you give us. Help us to appreciate the beauty of the cycle of life -dust to dust –of which are a part.