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Theresa May has dismissed as "Brussels gossip" an account of a dinner with European Council President Jean-Claude Juncker, published in a German newspaper. Stefan Mayer is home affairs spokesperson for Chancellor Merkel's parliamentary Christian Democrat group.


Schools and colleges are struggling to provide adequate time and resources for pupils’ well-being, according to the Health and Education Committees in a joint report published today. Kerry Mae was diagnosed at the age of five with generalised anxiety disorder and Professor Dame Sue Bailey is chair of Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition.


The day after the meeting with Theresa May, European Council President Mr Juncker reportedly told German chancellor Angela Merkel that Mrs May was "deluding herself" and "living in another galaxy" when it came to the issue of Brexit talks. Daniel Korski advised David Cameron during the negotiations with the EU which led up to the Brexit referendum.


Labour is promising to put 10,000 additional police on the streets of England and Wales if it wins the General Election on June 8.  Jeremy Corbyn said it would be funded by reversing Conservative cuts to capital gains tax. Diane Abbott is the shadow home secretary.


Scientists say they're a step closer to understanding the genetic secrets of the plant prized for giving us tea. Andrew Gadsen has a tea shop in Portsmouth as well as having a tea importing, blending and packing company.


The French presidential favourite, Emmanuel Macron, told a rally of 30,000 people in Paris last night that the National Front led by his rival Marine le Pen is “anti-France”. A serious charge even in this heated campaign. Today’s James Naughtie reports.


This week marks the 90th anniversary of the duet between cellist Beatrice Harrison and a nightingale that arrived in her garden whenever she played. Now, 90 years on, nightingale duets are once again taking place across the country. The BBC’s arts correspondent David Sillito reports.


What do the Conservatives think about Labour’s promise to put an additional 10,000 police officers on the street of England and Wales if they win the General Election? Amber Rudd is the home secretary.


Carla Andrew and Craig Stillwell’s three month old daughter Effie was taken into care last year for eight months after Craig was accused of shaking her. Effie was later diagnosed with a rare condition - Ehlers Danlos Syndrome which explained her injuries. John Humphrys has been speaking to the couple. Geoff Debelle is a child protection officer from the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.


Liberal Democrat European Union spokesperson Nick Clegg will today address the “Brexit Squeeze” and its impact on consumers in his first major speech of the General Election campaign. The former deputy prime minister will accuse the Conservatives of "hurting the very people who need most help".


As this campaign began, Theresa May told this programme she wouldn’t take part in TV debates because she preferred to get out and meet voters. Labour has accused her of doing the exact opposite – hiding from the public. Today’s Ross Hawkins reports.  Danny Finkelstein is a Conservative peer and Times columnist and Margaret McDonagh is a Labour peer and the Labour party’s campaign coordinator for the 1997 General Election.


The Government has won a lot of praise for its decision to designate vast areas around some of its far flung territories as marine protected zones, but what about the environment on the land of islands like Ascension or Pitcairn? Ministers from 14 British overseas territories say the government's policy on their environment is confused. The BBC’s environment analyst Roger Harrabin joined the ministers on a boat trip off the coast of Alderney.


The conventional view of how the British triumphed in WW2 is turned on its head in a new book out this week. James Holland is a historian and author of The War in the West. It looks at the years 1941-1943 as the allies coalesced and fought back against the Nazis and Alex Von Tunzelmann is a historian and screenwriter of Churchill, a new film out in June.


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