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Awol Erizku; Robert Macfarlane; Little Boy Blue; Gemma Bodinetz

He shot Beyonce's pregnancy portraits, now artist Awol Erizku has a new exhibition; Robert Macfarlane decodes clinkerbells and dagglers; Shelagh Fogarty reviews Little Boy Blue.

The young American artist Awol Erizku was the man responsible for the photograph of Beyoncé as she announced she was pregnant with twins back in February. It became Instagram's most-liked image ever. As he prepares to open Make America Great Again, his first solo show in Europe, he discusses the political nature of his work and that famous photo.

The Word-Hoard is an exhibition at Wordsworth House in Cumbria celebrating the natural world and the words we once used to describe it. It is curated by Robert Macfarlane, writer, walker, Cambridge don and author of the bestselling book Landmarks. He explains why it's important not to forget that clinkerbells, dagglers and ickles are all another way of naming icicles.

ITV's latest drama Little Boy Blue focuses on the murder of 11-year-old Rhys Jones in Liverpool, in 2007. Mad about Everton, he was shot dead as he innocently walked home from football practice. The four-part series explores the family's ordeal, the community response and how Rhys's murderer was brought to justice. Broadcaster and journalist Shelagh Fogarty, who went to school in Croxteth, close to where Rhys died, reviews the drama.

At the beginning of the year, the Liverpool Everyman resurrected its repertory company for the first time in 25 years. Front Row paid a visit to the new company at the start of their rehearsals in January. Three months on, and two productions opened, Artistic Director Gemma Bodinetz discusses the challenges of the new repertory project.

Presenter: John Wilson
Producer: Angie Nehring.

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  • Awol Erizku

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  • Robert MacFarlane

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  • Gemma Bodinetz

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Awol Erizku

Awol Erizku
Beyonce Tweet from BBC Music
Awol Erizku's exhibition Make America Great Again is at Ben Brown Fine Arts, London
from 21 Apr until 2 June 

Little Boy Blue

Little Boy Blue
Little Boy Blue is on ITV on Mon 24 April at 9 pm

Photo credit: ITV Studios

Robert MacFarlane

Robert MacFarlane
Robert MacFarlane's exhibition The Word-Hoard: Love letters to our land
is at Wordsworth House, Cumbria

Gemma Bodinetz

Gemma Bodinetz
The Everyman Company in The Story Giant at the Everyman Playhouse, Liverpool 
until 29 April
Photo credit: Stephen Vaughan


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Interviewed Guest Awol Erizku
Interviewed Guest Robert Macfarlane
Interviewed Guest Shelagh Fogarty
Interviewed Guest Gemma Bodinetz
Presenter John Wilson
Producer Angie Nehring




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