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Starring Nigel Havers, Josie Lawrence, and Mathew Baynton. Hardacres, London's worst advertising agency, discover their Protein Team campaign has gone viral. And not in a good way.

Starring Nigel Havers, Mathew Baynton and Josie Lawrence. Welcome back to Hardacre's, the worst advertising agency in London, for the second series of Edward Rowett's award-winning sitcom.

This week, the team are unexpectedly in demand. The marketing manager of nutrition company Protein Team (guest star Richard Goulding) enlists their services for a huge poster campaign, aimed at selling protein shakes to women.

Yet no sooner is their ad up - featuring a slender woman, and an even more slender bikini - than Hardacre's find themselves at the centre of a media storm over misogyny, body-shaming, and the evils of advertising.

Wracked with guilt and determined to make amends, Joe (Mathew Baynton) clashes with his older and more cynical creative director Rupert Hardacre (Nigel Havers) and accounts manager Amanda (Josie Lawrence), who are convinced that sex sells and all publicity is good publicity. But in an age of Twitter storms and third-wave feminism, are they behind the times?

An Absolutely production for BBC Radio 4.

28 minutes


Role Contributor
Rupert Hardacre Nigel Havers
Joe Matthew Baynton
Amanda Josie Lawrence
Actor Richard Goulding
Writer Edward Rowett