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Leasehold homes, car finance, Scottish fold cats

Consumer affairs programme. A record number of new homes are being sold with leaseholds, but after pressure from homeowners the government is considering a ban.

A record number of new homes are being sold with leaseholds. After pressure from homeowners facing onerous costs, the government is considering a ban on selling houses with leaseholds, but are leaseholds ever necessary in the sale of a house or flat?

Car manufacturers are refreshing their finance deals - the Personal Contract Purchase, or PCP - for the new financial year. The majority of new cars in the UK are bought through finance, but how do you get the best deal? Will cash always be king when it comes to discounts, or can PCPs offer a bigger saving?

And the British Veterinary Association is warning that the Scottish Fold Cat - loved by celebrity owners for their small floppy ears - are the result of a genetic condition that causes them to have short and painful lives, and therefore shouldn't be bred from.

Presenter: Winifred Robinson
Producer: Joel Moors.

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  • Leaseholds

    Have onerous leasehold sales shown a failing of the Leasehold Advisory Service?

    Duration: 08:56

  • Cats

    Scottish Fold cats have become a celebrity pet but have a serious genetic mutation

    Duration: 03:26

  • Engergy Prices

    The government has promised to reform the energy market but what can be done?

    Duration: 02:35

  • Car Finance

    Is cash always king when buying a new car?

    Duration: 05:11

  • Sleep Business

    We explore the sleep industry

    Duration: 07:31

  • Billing

    Trying to change the name on an energy account after a death

    Duration: 04:52

  • DIY

    What DIY projects will be starting this weekend?

    Duration: 05:32


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