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Dinnertime: A Multisensory Extravaganza!

The most multisensory experience on earth: Dinnertime! How do our senses come together to shape the experience of eating? Philosopher Barry Smith explores.

For thousands of years people thought we had 5 senses, now it's believed we have up to 33. In this ten-part series, philosopher Barry Smith and sound artist Nick Ryan take us on a journey into the extraordinary world of sensory perception.

In this episode we introduce the most multisensory experience on earth: Dinnertime!

Food keeps us alive, it makes us happy, it powers everything we do. So it should be no surprise that many of our senses are geared towards helping us find a good meal. With guest Heston Blumenthal, Philosopher Barry Smith delves into all the ways our senses are enhancing or changing the experience of eating, in some very unexpected ways.

Producer: Emily Knight.

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15 minutes