The Eye

Matthew Sweet explores the subject of the eye in cinema through an anthology of film music culminating in the music for Nicolas Pesce's new horror film "The Eyes of My Mother".

"The eye is a magical, paradoxical organ. Soft, vulnerable, worryingly penetrable - and yet an instrument of mastery and control." Matthew explores the many ways in which the eye takes a central role in film and features music from Polanski's "Macbeth"; Maurice Jarre's score for "Les Yeux Sans Visage"; Cocteau's "Orphee"; the 1981 and 2010 versions of "Clash Of the Titans"; Les Baxter's music for "The Man With The X-Ray Eyes"; "Clockwork Orange"; "The Parallax View"; "Nineteen Eighty-Four"; "Eye In The Sky"; "Lost Highway"; "Peeping Tom" and "The Eyes Of Laura Mars". The Classic Score of the Week is Bernard Herrmann's "Psycho".

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Sat 25 Mar 2017 15:00