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The ways women age - Beauty politics

Sociological discussion programme, presented by Laurie Taylor. Why some women choose cosmetic anti-ageing procedures while others reject them.

The ways women age: Laurie Taylor talks to Abigail Brooks, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Providence College USA, and author of a study which asks why women choose or reject cosmetic anti ageing proceedures. Also, beauty politics in the Neoliberal age. Ros Gill, Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis at City University, discusses the ways in which women are required to be 'aesthetic entrepreneurs', maintaining a constant vigilance about their appearance. They're joined by Rachel Wood, Research Associate in the Department of Psychology, Sociology and Politics at Sheffield Hallam University. Revised repeat.

Producer: Jayne Egerton.

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27 minutes



Abigail Brooks, Author and Director of the Women's Studies Programme, Providence College, USA

Rosalind Gill, Professor of Cultural and Social Analysis, City University, London 

Rachel Wood, Research Associate, Department of Psychology, Sociology & Politics, Sheffield Hallam University



Brooks, A. (2017). The Ways Women Age: Using and Refusing Cosmetic Intervention. New York University Press.

Gill, R., Elias, A., Gill, R. and Scharff, C. (Eds.), (2017). Aesthetic Labour: Beauty Politics in Neoliberalism. Basingstoke: Palgrave.


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