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Cherry Healey and Single Parents, the Kingdom of Women in China

Cherry Healey joins Jane Garvey to launch a new series, Single Parents. Cherry travels the country speaking to a wide variety of single parents. Plus the world's last matriarchy.

Presenter Cherry Healey joins Jane to launch a new series, Single Parents. Cherry became a single mother a year and a half ago and was surprised to face judgment from friends and family. She travels the country to meet a wide variety of single parents and these interviews are featured throughout the week. In the first episode Cherry talks to Rupa who used a sperm donor to conceive her daughter.

The Mosuo tribe worship the female spirit, celebrate every aspect of womanhood and structure their social hierarchy according to maternal bloodlines. Choo Wai Hong, author of the Kingdom of Women, spends six months every year with the tribe.

Around 1.5 million women in the UK are currently living with endometriosis. A new report by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Women's Health has found that services for women suffering endometriosis are inadequate. The chair of the APPG joins Jane.

As part of our series on women owning guns in the US, we hear today from two young women who live in North Carolina.

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45 minutes


  • Cherry Healey

    Duration: 09:45

  • Single Parent - Rupa

    Duration: 10:54

  • The Kingdom of Women

    Duration: 09:40

  • Endometriosis – Barriers to Healthcare

    Duration: 06:05

  • US Women and Guns

    Duration: 06:25

Single Parents


Role Contributor
Presenter Jane Garvey
Interviewed Guest Cherry Healey
Interviewed Guest Rupa
Interviewed Guest Choo Wai Hong
Interviewed Guest Paula Sheriff
Interviewed Guest Wendy Young
Interviewed Guest Jessica Crook


  • Mon 27 Mar 2017 10:00

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