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Martin McGuinness, Chuck Berry, Sir Derek Walcott, Salome Karwah, Colin Dexter

Matthew Bannister on IRA leader and politician Martin McGuinness, musician Chuck Berry, poet Sir Derek Walcott, Ebola survivor Salome Karwah, writer Colin Dexter.

Matthew Bannister on

Martin McGuinness, who went from being a violent IRA commander to a peace making politician.

Chuck Berry, hailed as the father of rock n roll by musicians from Keith Richards to John Lennon and Bruce Springsteen.

The Nobel prize winning poet Sir Derek Walcott, who brought the Caribbean experience to the wider world.

Salome Karwah, who survived Ebola in her native Liberia, went back to help other sufferers and then died from complications after childbirth.

And Colin Dexter, creator of the immortal detective Inspector Morse.

Producer: Neil George.

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28 minutes

Martin McGuinness

Matthew spoke to the BBC’s former Northern Ireland correspondent, Denis Murray.

Born 23 May 1950; died 21 March 2017 aged 66.

Chuck Berry

Last Word spoke to film director, Taylor Hackford.

Born 18 October 1926; died 18 March 2017 aged 90.

Sir Derek Walcott

Last Word spoke to fellow poet, Linton Kwesi Johnson, to writer Anita Sethi and to actor Burt Caesar.

Born 23 January 1930; died 17 March 2017 aged 87.

Salome Karwah

Matthew spoke to Time magazine’s Africa correspondent, Aryn Baker.

Born 1988; died 21 February 2017 aged 28.

Colin Dexter

Matthew spoke to his friend and fellow writer Val McDermid and to Professor Simon Barker of the University of Chichester.

Born 29 September 1930; died 21 March 2017 aged 86.


Role Contributor
Presenter Matthew Bannister
Producer Neil George
Interviewed Guest Denis Murray
Interviewed Guest Taylor Hackford
Interviewed Guest Linton Kwesi Johnson
Interviewed Guest Anita Sethi
Interviewed Guest Burt Caesar
Interviewed Guest Aryn Baker
Interviewed Guest Val McDermid
Interviewed Guest Simon Barker