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Theresa May will visit Wales today as she faces pressure to keep the Union together in the wake of the Brexit vote. Leanne Wood is the leader of Plaid Cymru.


Home care companies say they are in crisis because they can't recruit enough staff to meet the growing demand. A Panorama investigation has discovered that nearly 100 councils across the UK have had home care contracts handed back to them. Izzi Seccombe is the leader of Warwickshire County Council and chairman of LGA Community Wellbeing Board.


Uber president Jeff Jones is leaving the company after less than six months. A source at the taxi booking app told the BBC the resignation was "completely unexpected". Dave Lee is the BBC’s North America Tech reporter.


Once Article 50 is triggered, the next step in Parliament will be to pass the so-called Great Repeal Bill which will end the primacy of EU law over our domestic law. Dr Hannah White is the director of research at the Institute for Government.


The government's £15bn plan to triple investment in the national road infrastructure in England by the end of the decade is not only wrong-headed but counterproductive according to the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE). Ralph Smyth is the Head of Infrastructure and Legal at the CPRE and Sir John Armitt is the deputy chairman of the National Infrastructure Commission and former president of the Institution of Civil Engineers.


Russia's annexation of Crimea from Ukraine was a watershed moment. Despite President Trump's praise for the Kremlin leader, the White House says it expects Moscow to return the peninsula. Russia says it cannot “return” what is part of Russia. Steve Rosenberg is the BBC’s Moscow correspondent.


An ex-radio Caroline DJ is standing for election to the post of Prince for the self-declared independent principality of Seborga in north-west Italy. Mark Dezzani is the British DJ and candidate for Prince of Seborga.


Labour's deputy leader Tom Watson has said a secret plan by the grassroots group Momentum to affiliate the movement officially with Unite the Union would ‘destroy the Labour party as an electoral force’. Tom Watson is the deputy leader of the Labour party.


It is a crucial day on Capitol Hill. Hearings are to be held on alleged Russian interference in the US election campaign. The hearing will also examine President Trump's claim that his 'wires were tapped' by the Obama administration. Evelyn Farkas is former deputy assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia. 


Alleged rape victims will no longer have to face the ordeal of giving evidence against their attackers in court in England and Wales. The idea is to help victims give the best evidence in less stressful circumstances and prevent them from being confronted by their assailant. Helen Stockford is a rape victim who has waived her anonymity to campaign on this. Francis Fitzgibbon is the chairman of the Criminal Bar Association.


Labour's Deputy Leader Tom Watson has said a secret plan by the grassroots group Momentum to affiliate the movement officially with Unite the Union would 'destroy the Labour party as an electoral force'. Christine Shawcroft is a member of Labour’s NEC and a director of Momentum and close ally of Jon Lansman.


Today is the spring equinox, with the length of the day and the night being almost equal. Many people regard it as the first day of the new season too. As it did at last year’s autumn equinox and the winter solstice, Radio 4 is marking the seasonal shift with a day of poems. Noma Dumezweni is an actress.


One of the first things Robert Mugabe did when he became president of Zimbabwe was order that land owned by white farmers should be seized by his black supporters. Now, the same thing may begin to happen in neighbouring South Africa. Andrew Harding is the BBC’s Africa correspondent.


Virtual reality technology is being trialled to help football club doctors detect concussion within seconds. It follows several studies into heading of the football - which has been linked to players developing dementia. Dr Michael Gray is a neuroscientist at East Anglia University who is involved in the research.


A six year-old has saved her younger brother's life when he suffered a seizure. She has been nominated for a Life Savers Award. Kate Jones and her daughter Roxy.

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  • Mon 20 Mar 2017 06:00