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Child refugees' mental health, Sport hijab, Bishop Philip North reaction

Addressing the psychological trauma of children from conflict zones, the launch of a new sport hijab, reaction to Bishop Philip North's decision. Presented by William Crawley.

Following Bishop Philip North's decision to turn down a promotion after clergy in his new diocese objected to his stance against ordaining women priests, William Crawley speaks to the Very Rev Martyn Percy and Bishop of Wakefield Tony Robinson about what this means for the Church of England's aim to "disagree well".

The General Pharmaceutical Council is proposing new guidance aimed at ensuring person-centred care is not compromised because of the personal values and beliefs of pharmacists. We hear the arguments for and against their implementation.

The longest-running religious programme on BBC television, Songs of Praise, will no longer be produced by the corporation. Broadcaster and trustee of the Sandford St Martin Trust, Roger Bolton gives his reaction to the news.

Research by Save the Children this week claims to have found widespread evidence of 'toxic stress' and mental health issues among children in Syria. Trevor Barnes reports on how religious groups and communities in the UK are addressing the psychological trauma of children from conflict zones.

Commonwealth Young Person of the Year Achaleke Christian Leke reveals how he went from being in a violent street gang in Cameroon to working as a counter-extremism activist.

Nike has become the first major sports clothing brand to launch a sport hijab. World Thai kickboxing champion Ruqsana Begum explores what this could mean for Muslim women's participation in sport.

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